• Saturday, 23. October 2021 12:40 am

Welcome to Stormforged's raiding site


We have a new website for signing up for raids and tracking our EPGP points.

Get started by taking the following steps:

1) Click the Register link at the very top of the page.

2) You can either register a new account on this site by filling in the registration information, or register using your Discord account by clicking the Discord button.

3) Once your registered, you need to sign in with the user name / password you just created. If your signed in you should see your name in the upper left of the screen. Be sure to login using your username (ex. Hokie) and not your email.

4) Once your signed in, click the Characters button at the very top of the page & add your characters.  The radio button to the left of the Character's name indicates who your main is.

If you have already raided before you signed up & your character already exists on the Points page, your character was auto generated when that raid was imported. So you don't "own it" yet, which means you can't sign it up on the calendar. This is no problem, just ping Hokie#3999 in discord to get that character assigned to your account. Include the user name you signed up with on this site in the note.

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