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EPGP Rules


 What is “EPGP”?

  • EP stands for Effort Points
    • EP is the measure of effort each member puts towards the common guild goal, and in Stormforged’s case, PvE 25 man raiding on scheduled raid nights
    • A night of raiding will earn 2500 EP.
    • While we are in progression, a full night of progression is worth the full raid amount of EP. Progression nights are longer are more expensive than farm runs.


    • GP stands for Gear Points
      • GP measures the amount of loot each member has obtained
      • Each piece of gear from raid has a pre-set, transparent GP cost that can be seen here.
      • The values for the gear was set by the officers. If you have feedback, please share them in the EP/GP discord.


    How does this determine who gets loot when it drops?

    • Generally, the more raids a player plays, the more loot that player receives
    • PR stands for Loot Priority
      • Character 1 has 6000 EP and 2000 GP (3000/2000 = 3.00 PR)
      • Character 2 has 8000 EP and 2000 GP (4000/2000 = 2.00 PR)
      • Character 3 has 5000 EP and 7500 GP (5000/7500 = 0.66 PR)
      • The raider with the higher PR gets the first say on loot (ie: Raider 1 below)
      • PR is determined by a ratio of EP to GP (PR = EP / GP)
    • However, PR also considers how much loot a player has already received
      • In the example, Raider 3 put forth more effort but has also gotten more loot
      • This enables a guild to gear it’s raiders evenly and fairly


    What are other checks & balances in this system to keep as fair as possible?

    • Base GP
      • All raiders begin with a base GP value of 2000 & no EP.
      • This is true for all existing raiders the 1st week we start EP/GP. This means every player is on equal footing for their next piece of gear at of the start of the EP/GP rollout.
      • New recruits also begin with a base GP value of 2000. This prevents new recruits from trumping dedicated, active members on their 1st raid. 
      • Decay
        • Decay prevents inactive members from trumping dedicated, active members
        • Decay weights recent contributions higher than past contributions
        • All raiders’ EP and LootGP decay 15% per week, every Tuesday
        • Any raids participated in >12 weeks ago, or any loot taken >12 weeks ago, will no longer count towards EPGP calculations
        • Toons that have been inactive for 3 months will have the starting 5k GP re-added.


      Why are some of the items specifically restricted?  

      • The officers have made these restrictions based on research and conversations with other leaders, and these are not arbitrary. It takes more into consideration than simply what is “best-in-slot” for any one class, but also what the relative upgrade is for all classes that can use the item.  
        • For example - Choker of the Fire Lord (7int, 7stam, 34 dmg/heal) is an incredible item for DPS Casters and Healers alike.  
        • However, for healers, Raimstein the Gorger’s Animated Chain Necklace (7stam, 6spir, 33 heals) is ALMOST as good
        • DPS Casters’ next best items would have 1% hit or 1% crit, and no damage at all
        • In this example, because reserving the Choker of the Fire Lord for DPS Casters makes the most sense and is “best for the raid”, we are actually restricting DPS Casters on the Choker of Enlightenment
      • These lists are not set in stone, and if there is adequate reason to add restrictions or remove restrictions from the list, the officers will definitely consider suggestions.


      How will the EPGP handle multiple characters?  

      • EP will be tied to the individual toon, not the player.  This means in a given week a toon can only accrue as much EP as 
      • So if someone raids with multiple toons, each toon will have it's own separate EP/GP. 
      • If the raid leader specifically asks you to bring a different toon other than the one you signed up with, you have the choice of whether the EP should go to that toon or the one you signed up with.


      What about offspec items?

      • Players can bid on off-spec items, folks that would use the item for MS always takes priority.
      • Off-spec 25% of the GP cost for items that all Mains pass
      • Off-spec is Feral-druid obtaining healing gear 
      • Off-spec is NOT a Mage not wanting to spend full GP on T1 pieces


      The 1st AQ40 Raid Group.

      • We currently run two BWL/MC groups, but we are about to add a single AQ40 raid to the schedule.
      • The AQ40 raid will have a fixed roster of 45-50 toons, eventually we hope to have a 2nd raid group able to do AQ40 as well.
      • If you would like to join the AQ40 raid group, let that be know to your class leader. There won't be room for everyone initially, but if your consistently raiding the other raids, we want to be able to get everyone into AQ40 in the fullness of time.
      • If someone not on the AQ40 raid roster joins an AQ40 raid, they will earn full EP, be one step closer to joining that roster, but will have lower loot priority than someone on the AQ40 roster.


      Is there any other way to earn EP?

      • The way that you get EP is through raid effort. The officers may allocate additional EP for a given raid. For example, if a progression raid spends 4 hours progressing in AQ40/Naxx, burning consumables, but we only down 2 bosses… we would likely allocate the raid additional EP. 
      • If we identify any other scenarios that make sense to grant EP, we will communicate it. Every raid member will also be able to transparently track the EP granted to everyone on the guild using the website. 
      • As a principle, there will be no notion of “buying” EP. ex. Donating gold/pots/matz to the guild will not generate EP.


      What if nobody bids on an item?

      • Then it gets disenchanted.
      • The way that EP/DP works, you are almost always better offer bidding on an item if it would be useful to you. In a few weeks it's effective cost for you will be a fraction of what you paid & in a few months it was basically free.
      • Officers and Class Leaders will encourage raiders to bid on items that are upgrades instead of trying to hold points. 
      • Resist items are the one exception. Resist items often only apply to a few, or even single, fight. But we really don't want to DE resist gear, the guild value is too high. Resist items are priced cheaply already, but if nobody bids on a resist item, we will free roll it instead of DE'ing it. 


      If there is an EP/GP tie, what happens?  

      • Folks will roll in the case of a tie.
      • This will happen a lot the 1st few weeks, after that it will be very rare.


      If you're signed up/online, but there isn’t room in the raid do you get EP?

      • Yes, in this case if you signed up, but don't get an invite, you will get full EP for the raid if your online and available to sub in.


      What if a raid that was supposed to be EP/GP ends up as a Wishlist?

      • This may happen in the case that we needed to add some PUGs to fill that week. 
      • In this case, all Stormforged members will get full raid EP.
      • However, any items they win will also accrue GP.


      What about other raids?

      • AQ20,  ZG and Ony we will do as wishlist/roll.

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